This is English First Aid

A complete guide to creating a strong foundation for rapid English mastery.

Unlike other ESL websites, EFA (English First Aid) teaches you how to learn English very efficiently using methods based on the self-study habits of polyglots (people who can speak many languages fluently)

These techniques are more efficient than teachers can teach you. Imagine speaking with native speaker fluency in only a few years! When you know how to study English the right way, you can achieve these results.



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Meet Vincent Champeau

The Creator of English First Aid

Hello, my name is Vinny.

I've taught at private and public schools in Thailand, South Korea and Japan. I now live in Eugene, OR, where I tutor and help students improve their English. I use theAntimoon Method, a revolutionary way of learning English much faster than typical ESL classes. I have several years of experience using this method and can help you use it too.

My Goal

To help my students create a personalized, efficient and fun program to learn to speak English with native-level fluency in the shortest amount of time possible.  I want to help students overcome poor study habits that slow down learning and prevent them from reachng English mastery.  Every English learner, no matter what country you come from, should be able to learn to speak English with native-level fluency in less than three years.

Teaching English Around the World