How much time do I need to study?

EFA works best with at least 1 hour of study per day.

As mentioned on the Antimoon website, you should get about 45-60 pages and 6 hours of audio listening per week.  This is all input, not output.  That means you should read 45-60 pages and listen to 6 hours of English per week.

For beginners, 45-60 pages of English may seem like a lot.  Find reading content that is appropriate for your level.  When you get better, it will take less time.  You will become more and more interested in English and eventually, you will just spend this time automatically.

Do you count the pages you read in your native language? Do you count how many hours of audio you listen to in your native language? You read a lot of pages and listen to a lot of audio in your native language but you’re not counting.  You do this automatically without thinking about it.

As you get better at understanding English, you will want to come home and watch movies in English. You will want to read the next chapter in your new favorite book.

It’s a really magical moment when this “switch” happens. You know the “switch” has happened when “studying English” is not part of your day anymore. Watching American TV, reading websites in English, and listening to new music in English become your new hobbies. Learning English happens easy and effortlessly in the background, while you enjoy the show. This is how you learned your native language, and you can learn English the same way.

You will naturally be interested in many kinds of English content.  You won’t automatically do your google searches in your native language. You won’t automatically turn on subtitles when you watch a movie.  English will become your preference because you will be comfortable with it and you enjoy it.

How long does it take to speak like a native speaker?

If you follow all our instructions and stay committed, it should take less than three years.  That’s if you’re starting from no English skills at all.  If you’re reading these words right now, your English is already quite good and you are more than half-way done.  English First Aid will give you that native speaker pronunciation and understanding that you’ve always wanted.

This should be a major motivation for you.  You may be less than one or two years away from speaking English as well as a native speaker.  You just need to put the time and effort into it!