How to study with the Antimoon Method


The Antimoon Method is very simple.  It’s so simple that it’s hard to believe.  But it is the way that most polyglots (people who speak many languages fluently) learn languages.  Polyglots aren’t geniuses, they just know how to study language right.  If you follow their study habits, you can learn like they do. I can summarize the Antimoon Method in a few short steps:

  1. Get input
  2. Look up the new words in a dictionary
  3. Collect sentences that are interesting to you
  4. Add the sentences to your SRS
  5. Study your SRS
  6. Repeat

That’s it.  Seriously.  That’s all you have to do, and your English will get better, very fast.  Reading English sentences is the key to improving all English language skills. When you know how to say things in English, then you can speak correctly and with confidence.

Many English-learners think they need more speaking practice.  This usually isn’t true.  Most English-learners need more reading/listening.  When you read and listen to English a lot, you will automatically know how to say things right in English.  This is how polyglots study. They make their own program that they enjoy.  That’s why they succeed.

Don’t worry about speaking. You will speak when you are ready. First you must read and listen.


The Routine

Read/listen English that you enjoy

Look up unfamiliar words/expressions in your dictionary

You don’t have to look up EVERY word.  You can guess the meaning of some words

For each new sentence, ask yourself these questions:

“Can I understand the sentence?”

Don’t choose sentences that are really hard (see tips on choosing sources of input.  You’re looking for i+1 sentences)

“Is this word/expression interesting to me?”

“Do I want to learn this word/expression?”

Make an EFA Card for your i+1 sentences

Study your sentences with Anki

After you have learned the words, re-read/re-listen to the English.


While re-reading/re-listening/re-watching, ENJOY YOUR NEW UNDERSTANDING


The last step is VERY IMPORTANT. When you learn new words and expressions you will gain a deeper understanding of English. It feels good, builds your confidence and increases your interest in the language. Over time, you will naturally develop interests in lots of different things. Keep following your interests and collecting new sentences.

Extra Tips

This is a general guide. For more detailed information about how to study and making flashcards, please see the TUTORIAL DIRECTORY.