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Learn English the way polyglots learn languages.  It’s much faster!

You may have been very surprised and confused by what you read on the Antimoon website. The Antimoon website is very good modern guide to learning English. We recommend reading as much as you can from that website. will tell you, from start to finish, what you need to do to learn English in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

What is English First Aid based on?

English First Aid, the methods, the philosophy, etc. is based on the following resources:

Polyglots aren’t geniuses

Many polyglots grew up monolingual and even say that they were not good in foreign language classes when they were younger.  They learn new languages very quickly as an adult.  Learning new languages is not about being a genius or having the right kind of brain.  Anybody can do it if you know how to do it right.

Learn from a polyglot, they know what they’re doing

Polyglots don’t keep secrets.  They are very open and want to share with people how they accomplish such amazing results in their language study. At English First Aid you can learn about the way they study and how you can do it too.

Students need more help

Modern ESL classes don’t finish the job. Students learn some English, but they often never become fluent at a native-speaker level. Learning to speak English like a native speaker requires a lot more reading and listening. Students need a DAILY habit of reading or listening to English that is interesting to them.

Modern ESL classes often don’t teach students how to study. Many students’ English gets “stuck” and they don’t progress anymore.  They keep taking classes but the students are not getting what they need: a clear and effective way to learn English independently, on their own.

That’s what English First Aid offers to you. You want to one day speak, read and write English the same as any native-English speaker does.

On this website, I am sharing THE BEST information I have found in the 5+ years of my career as an English teacher and language learner.  This website is everything I wish I knew about learning language when I first started.  As a teacher, this is the best I can do to help you learn English.

I have seen what works and what doesn’t work.  In many ESL classes, students are taught a lot of things that don’t work.  They waste their time studying English in ways that are inefficient and don’t help them improve their English.  English First Aid is not going to waste your time.  This website is about wasting as little time as possible and achieving English mastery as fast as you can.

English First Aid is now 100% FREE!!!

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