Stagnant English – Help me! I’m stuck!

Why your English level stops improving

Many students’ reach a plateau in their English skills, usually sometime after they become conversationally fluent.  For many students, this was their original goal.  They wanted to be able to travel to an English-speaking country and survive.

Many students travel to an English speaking country and their English does improve, but only in certain ways.  Even after they have been living in an English speaking country for many years, they are still making the same simple mistakes in English over and over again.  Why does this happen?  Shouldn’t their English get better every year they live in an English speaking country?

Unfortunately not. Many people living abroad create a bubble of their own culture around them.  This “bubble” prevents them from reaching their full potential in English.

This is very easy to do in our modern world. With the internet, you can make a new bubble with English. This bubble of English will help you learn English anywhere.

To improve your English you need a new goal

What was your original goal?  To survive in an English speaking country?  After you can do that, you need a new goal.

Create good habits and set new goals

Don’t give up on improving your English!  Always set new goals.  You can speak like a native speaker!