The Antimoon Method – What is it?

The Anitmoon Method is a revolutionary method of learning languages developed by Tomasz P. Szynalski. This method of learning English requires no classes, teacher or textbook. You learn through maximizing language input (reading and listening) rather than output (speaking and writing).

Unlike ESL classes, everything you will use to study English will be things that are fun and interesting to you. Fun keeps you motivated. Fun keeps you committed. English will not be something you have to do, it will be something you want to do.

We are not “selling” the Antimoon Method.  The Antimoon Method is free to anyone who wants to use it. English First Aid offers assistance using the Antimoon Method through the resources available on this website and personal online tutoring.

Before you continue, please read Language learning: Myths and facts on the Antimoon website.

 We believe you can learn English by yourself with the help of English First Aid!

No teacher? No classes? You can teach yourself!