Using English First Aid with ESL classes

After teaching English for 3 years in Asia, I do agree with Antimoon’s opinion about English classes.  However, language education is improving and I don’t think you need to learn all by yourself.  Learning English is something that YOU must do.  A teacher can help and guide but they don’t have any magical powers to make you learn English really fast.  How fast you learn will depend on how much time and effort you put into it. Your English teachers can be very useful people if you use them right. You are in control of your learning. Your teacher is there to help you.

How to use EFA with your English class

You can use English First Aid with your English class. If you use EFA with you English class, you won’t need to study for your tests anymore. Make flashcards for all the sentences you learn in your class. When take your test, you will already have all your new sentences memorized.

You can spend less time studying and more time enjoying English with movies, TV shows, books or other English input. You can practice the new English you learn from your input with your teacher! English First Aid is a very useful tool for improving your experience in English classes and improving your performance (your grades).