Balancing Anki review time and input time

Don’t spend too much time with Anki.  You need time for reading/watching movies too!

As you get input every day and collect words and sentences, the number of cards in your daily Anki review will grow.  Sometimes your daily Anki review will be long; sometimes it will be short.  Anki reviews become longer when you add a lot of new cards and become shorter when you stop adding new cards.

Your Anki review might become really long when you add too many new cards.

If you can’t finish the whole review in one day, that’s OK.

Do as much as you can and continue tomorrow.  You will eventually catch up.  You can get more input and add more new cards after you catch up.

Your memory can’t learn too many things in one day.  How much you can remember depends where your English level is now and how much time you have to spend studying.

Study at a pace that is comfortable for you.  Don’t push yourself too much.  You will become better and faster as you continue to study.

You have to enjoy learning.

Try to balance the time with Anki review and input.  You should never spend all your time doing Anki review or all of your time doing input.  Input gives you new words, expressions, and sentences; Anki makes you remember them.

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