English First Aid for KIDS!

Teach kids how to read, for a lifetime.

Kids can learn using the Antimoon Method too.  Kids, unlike adults, don’t have a lot of bad habits to get rid of.  They only have good habits to learn.  If you sign up for an EFA Kid’s Membership, you will be giving your kid a priceless skill that will last a lifetime.

Teaching kids good reading skills is one of the most valuable things we can do for them.  Reading is their window to the world.  A child who can read well will grow up to be an open-minded, well-informed and self-educating adult.

Does your kid struggle with reading?  Is he/she “falling behind”?  Don’t worry, with the EFA Kid’s program, your kid’s reading skills will improve incredibly fast.  Their vocabulary will explode.  This will enhance their performance in almost all other subjects and skills.  EFA will help kids succeed in many different kinds of academic endeavors.

Online tutoring for kids.

Initially, the student will do a few tutoring sessions with their tutor via Skype.  The tutor will teach them the method and do some reading with some of the student’s own reading materials.  After the method is learned they can apply it to all their reading for all school subjects.  The tutor can continue to guide the student as his/her reading skills develop.

The content can come from what the student is currently studying in school, or their own independent reading.  As the student reads, new flashcards will be added to the student’s Anki (the flashcard program).  Students review their flashcards daily.

Please contact us through the contact form to inquire about EFA for kids.

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