Organizing Anki your flashcards


As you collect more and more flashcards, you need to organize them. In this tutorial, we will show you how to organize notes (flashcards) in Anki.


You can organize your notes in two ways


Decks are “packages” of notes. Each note can exist in only one deck.


Tags are like labels. Each note can have many labels.

A deck is like a box of cards.

A Tag is like a label.

Let’s see how you can organize your notes with Decks and Tags

Downloading a new deck

I downloaded a new deck from the Anki Deck Library. I can see it in the deck selection window.

Move the cards

I’m going to move these cards to the input deck. The input deck is where I save naked cards. Open the browser window and click on the deck.


Click on any card.

Press Ctrl+A to highlight all the cards

Click on Change Deck

Choose Input and click Move Cards.

Delete the old deck

This deck is empty now. Delete it.


Use tags to find your notes or organize them more.

Collecting i+1

When you want to collect some i+1 sentences, open the browser window and click on your Input deck.

Hold the CTRL key on your keyboard and click on a tag.

Now I can see all the naked cards from this video in my browser window.


Input Deck

The Input deck is not for studying. The Input deck is for naked flashcards that you have not seen yet. The English deck is for dressed flashcards that are ready to study. After you have dressed the cards, you can move them over to the English deck.

The cycle looks like this:

Input source (movie, internet, etc.)

Extra Tips

If you have too many decks, move more cards to your English deck. Delete decks with no cards. You don’t need more than 2 decks + the English Pronunciation Trainer.

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