Returning EFA Cards


Sometimes during your Anki review, you will find “bad” flashcards.  Bad flashcards have a mistake or some other problem.  You can separate the bad flashcards.  Separated flashcards can be edited and fixed later after you have finished reviewing.


In this example, the definition for my target word is wrong.


I need a new definition.  I don’t want to see this card until it is fixed.  I’m going to Mark the note and Suspend the card.

Press the * on your keyboard.  You will see a little yellow star appear in the upper right corner.  That means the card is marked.


Press “e” to edit the card.  The edit window will show.  Scroll down to the bottom.  In the Notes field, type the problem.  Close the edit window.

Press the @ key on your keyboard to suspend the card.


Later… (after you are done reviewing your flashcards)

You can check your marked cards in the Anki browser window in the Card Filter Sidebar.

Marked cards are highlighted in pink.

Extra Tips (DIY)

To fix EFA cards, see Fixing your EFA Cards.  DON’T FIX YOUR CARDS WHILE YOU ARE STUDYING.  For minor mistakes on your card, you can press “e” and fix it right away.

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