Tagging Anki notes

Tagging notes in Anki helps you organize the things you want to learn.


Sometimes when you are reading, you find a sentence that you almost understand.  Maybe it’s not i+1.  Maybe it’s i+1.5 and you want to keep that sentence for later.  How do you save a sentence for later?

You can do this with tags.  Tags are labels that you can attach to your Anki notes.  You can create a tag called “i+2” or “i+3” to let yourself know that you want to check that sentence again later when you understand more English.


In your Anki Browser window.  There is a box for tags.


To add a tag, type the name of the tag in the box.  Tags are separated by spaces. This sentence is a little to difficult for me so I’ll give it a tag called i+2.


I’ll check this card later in a few weeks when my English improves a bit more.  I can check notes with this tag by selecting the tag in the card filter side bar.


You can create tags for anything you want!

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