How to read the EFA website and your EFA cards

EFA Website Pages

Most EFA pages/tutorials include these sections:


A quick description of what the tutorial is about and what it will teach you.


This is where the tutorial starts.  It will tell you what to do.

Extra Tips

Some more advice about the selected topic.

Please read all sections of the tutorials at least once.  The sections are clearly labeled so that you can look back at the tutorial when you need to.




Color Code

All cards are color coded similarly to the EFA website.

The color code is at the bottom.  Each part of the card is a different color.


A sentence or sentences that you want to understand


Target word/expression that is difficult to understand


IPA phonetic transcription.  This will tell you how to pronounce the word.


Definitions of the target word/expression

Word Translation

Translations of the target word/expression

Sentence Translation

A translation of the sentence in your native language

Each field is quite simple and easy to understand.  There are a few extra things to know about the Definition field.


Definition fields can have as much or as little information as you want in them.  It’s better to have less information in the Definition field than more.  Only put as much information as you need to understand the meaning of the sentence, the words/expressions, etc. You can format the definition field however you like. This is how we format our definitions.


Most verbs in English are part of two categories: transitive and intransitive.

Just in case you don’t know what transitive and intransitive mean:


ˈtrænsətɪv, ˈtrænsɪtɪv, -zə- % tran·si·tive

adj. technical a transitive verb must have an object, for example, the verb ‘break’ in the sentence ‘I broke the cup’.


ɪnˈtrænsətɪv, ɪnˈtrænsɪtɪv % in·tran·si·tive

adj. technical an intransitive verb has a subject but no object. For example, in the sentence ‘They arrived,’ ‘arrived’ is intransitive. Intransitive verbs are marked [I] in this dictionary. OPP transitive

-Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

You can usually see this information near the IPA in your dictionary.


The old room had been abandoned years before.


v. tr. to leave it forever or for a long time.

The v. tr. stands for transitive verb.  v intr. stands for intransitive verb.  There are other kinds of verbs such as phrasal verbs.


Most nouns in English are part of two categories: countable and uncountable.

The book that I need is in the library.


n. c. a place where you go to read books.

This is the definition of the word library.  n. c.  means a countable noun.


That sounds completely insane to me.


adj. informal completely stupid or crazy, often in a way that is dangerous

adj. stands for adjective.  This adjective is also informal.


Feel free to put any other information you need here.

I gotta pee man!



PHRASE informal gotta = got to = have to

American English INFORMAL same as dude as in “What’s up dude?!”

Definitions don’t have to be from your dictionary.  You can add personal notes to the definition.  Whatever helps you understand the sentence better can be added to the Definition field.

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