Anki 101


This page will teach you about the different parts of Anki and how to use them.


Anki Deck selection window

In this window, you can select the deck that you want to study.

You can also see how many cards you need to study, and how many you have studied today.

The New column shows how many new cards you will study today, and the Due column shows you how many cards you need to review today.

The Anki browser window

Access the browser window by clicking Browse.


This is the browser window.

Parts of the browser window

There are four main parts of the browser window

  1. The top button bar
    •  Several buttons to do different things to your notes
  2. Search bar and search results
    •  Search for notes
  3. Card filter sidebar
    • Look at different groups of cards
  4. Editing Area
    • Edit your notes and add new information

The button bar

All these buttons will do things to the current card/s you have selected in the search results area.



This opens the add window.  Use this to add new notes.



Cards can be SUSPENDED or UNSUSPENDED.  Suspended cards are cards that you are NOT studying.  You will not see them when you do your Anki review.  You need to unsuspend the cards to activate them and study them.

To unsuspend a card, click on it and click the Suspend button.



This lets you move cards from one deck to another.



Deletes the note and all of its cards permanently.

Card filter sidebar

Card filters

The options in this area let you see certain groups of notes

  • Whole Collection – Show everything in your collection.
  • Current Deck – Show all notes from the selected deck
  • Added Today – Show notes that you created today.
  • Studied Today – Show all the cards you studied today.
  • Again Today – Show all the cards that will be re-reviewed today.
  • New – Show all the cards in your review that you have not seen yet.
  • Learning – Show all cards that you are currently learning.
  • Review – Show all cards that you are reviewing.

Deck filters

Here you can see all your decks.  Click on a deck to see all the notes in that deck.

Note-type filters

Here you can see all the note-types.  You can ignore this section.


Here you can see tags.  You will learn how to use tags later.

Editing Area

This area lets you edit the information in your notes.  Remember, 1 note can have more than one card.  When you edit one note, you change all the related cards (Sentence, Word-definition, etc.).

You will learn how to add and edit information in your notes in future tutorials.

Extra Tips

There are more things to learn about Anki but this is all you need right now.  Anki may look complex, but it is actually very simple.  If you’re curious and want to know more, see the official online Anki manual.

If you have problems with Anki and your EFA cards, please contact us through the contact form, or get help immediately by using the Student Support Line.

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