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Welcome to the Quickstart Guide.  This page has everything you need to know to use English First Aid.

There are two main parts of your daily routine: INPUT and ANKI REVIEW. Input is very important and must be personal for you.  Do you like the show Game of Thrones? Two and a half Men?  How about some Spiderman? You can learn English from anything you want using EFA flashcards. Choose a movie, TV show, book, comic book or other reading material that you really enjoy.

This is the primary routine for studying English with English First Aid:

  1. Enjoy getting some input
  2. Collect i+1 sentences
  3. Make flashcards
  4. Study flashcards
  5. Repeat steps 1-4

Refer back to this guide to help you study.  English First Aid does not have any kind of “textbook.”  The Antimoon website is an important EFA resource and we recommend reading the content on this website often.  EFA cards will work best if you use them in combination with the Antimoon website.


The most important thing is that you are having fun. EFA is different from other methods because you are having fun while improving your English. You need to have fun to stay motivated. You need motivation to succeed. So have fun and you can’t fail!



What are English First Aid Flashcards

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The Basics

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English First Aid Terminology

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Anki 101


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Choosing cards from your Anki notes

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Learning English with movies

Returning EFA Cards

Getting input

Balancing Anki review time and input time

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Extra help

Organizing your flashcards

How to add a note without a sentence

WHAT IF…? The answer to all your WHAT IF questions.

Using Anki and your dictionary together

Add subtitles in your native language to your movie cards

Tagging Anki notes

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