Setting up your computer for EFA flashcards


Follow these steps to set up your computer for English First Aid Flashcards. See the video tutorial below to guide you through the steps.

  1. Download and install Anki
  2. Install Anki Add-ons
  3. Configure Image Resizer Add-on
  4. Download Demo Cards
  5. Organize Flashcard Decks
  6. Configure the Anki Browser window
  7. Synchronize your Anki to AnkiWeb

Tutorial Video

Install the LDOCE Software Dictionary

We highly recommend this dictionary but you can use any free web dictionary. You can by the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English for windows here. Install the dictionary and the LDOCE5 Viewer.  The LDOCE5 Viewer is a more convenient way to use your dictionary. You will get a shortcut on your desktop.  Use this for your dictionary.

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