Anki Stats – Checking your progress


Anki keeps lots of information about your learning. This information is called Anki Stats. It’s like your “grade.” In this tutorial, you can see some of my Anki stats and compare them to yours.


Click on the little graph icon next to the sync button in the Deck Selection Window.

There is a lot of information here. Let’s look at some of the most important pieces of information.

Progress graph

The first graph shows you how many cards you have added and how many you know. My graph looks good because the green line is going up. That means I am learning more new words. In the red box, you can see how many total notes and cards are in your collection. YOUR GOAL IS 10,000 NOTES.

Review Time

Days studied

Try to keep above 90%

Average for days studied & If you studied every day

These two should be almost the same. Try to keep it above 30 minutes

Average answer time

Try to keep under 10 seconds. Mine is too long!


This graph shows me how many cards I added in the past month. My average is 27.2 cards per day. Try to add at least 20 cards per day.

Extra Tips

Check your Anki stats occasionally. You can see your progress visually in the graphs. This will help motivate you. Remember, your goal is to collect 10,000 sentences!


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