What are English First Aid Flashcards?


How these flashcards can help you

  • Learn English and become fluent in less than 2 years
  • Learn English without a teacher
    • This polyglot learned all of his languages without a teacher; just books and videos
    • This man learned to speak Japanese fluently in one year by watching and reading different kinds of Japanese media including anime and manga
  • Learn to speak and understand English LIKE A NATIVE SPEAKER
  • Learn new words easily with pictures
  • Learn English without studying grammar
  • Learn English from ANYTHING you want; movies, TV shows, books, and internet articles
  • Learn English while learning something else at the same time
    • e.g. Learn English and cooking at the same time by watching cooking videos in English
  • Learn other languages
    • I’m currently learning Spanish with these flashcards

People who learn languages quickly are NOT geniuses. They are using effective methods that actually work.

Example Cards

Learn English with Card Combos. A Basic Card Combo looks like this:

New Word Card

Definition-Word Card

Sentence Card

Learn new words in 3 steps:

  • Level 1: New Word Card – introduces a new word
  • Level 2: Definition Word Card
  • Level 3: Sentence Card

You don’t have to use all three. Use only as many as you need.

“Helper Cards”

Use these if you need them

  • Pronunciation Card
  • Spelling Card
  • Extra Cards
  • Inflected Form Card
  • Word-Definition Card
  • Translation-Word Card

See this tutorial for more details.

How to study these flashcards

The easiest, simplest guide to learning English
  1. Get input (books, movies, TV shows, Youtube, etc.)
  2. Look up the new words in a dictionary
  3. Collect sentences that are interesting to you
  4. Add the sentences to Anki
  5. Study Anki
  6. Repeat
Follow this routine every day, and your English will improve VERY quickly. See this tutorial for more details.

The English First Aid Website

  • See the Anki Deck Library to download flashcards made from videos
    • TV shows
    • Movies
    • TED Talks
    • Youtube Videos
  • Picture tutorials
  • Study guidance
  • Links to other useful websites

Learning English costs TIME NOT MONEY

You need to motivate yourself to learn English. If you can read and understand this page, you are less than 1-2 years away from becoming fluent in English.
Start watching some English movies and reading some English books today. You can start learning English anytime. With English First Aid you can’t fail!

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