Hello and Welcome to the English Gold Mine.  Here you will find an infinite amount of resources to keep you busy learning English. The Essentials Antimoon Making SRS items (cards) for learning languages How to grade yourself in spaced-repetition software Things you should know about phonetic transcription Practice pronouncing English words and phrases How to…

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QUICKSTART GUIDE and Tutorial Directory

Required Reading Setting up your computer for EFA flashcards Intro Welcome to the Quickstart Guide.  This page has everything you need to know to use English First Aid. There are two main parts of your daily routine: INPUT and ANKI REVIEW. Input is very important and must be personal for you.  Do you like the show Game…

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Download links for everything used in EFA. Download Links Here you can find download links for everything you need to start English First Aid. To avoid broken links, there are no direct links. Instead, the links take you to the main page where you can find the download link. Anki This is your most important tool!…

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