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I’ve got a dream

I’ve Got a Dream Video I’ve got a dream to create an online language school. At this school, you can learn English or any other language using free content from the Internet. It costs almost nothing to learn a new language if we just take full advantage of what already exists. I’ve got a dream to…

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What are English First Aid Flashcards?

Intro How these flashcards can help you Learn English and become fluent in less than 2 years Learn English without a teacher This polyglot learned all of his languages without a teacher; just books and videos This man learned to speak Japanese fluently in one year by watching and reading different kinds of Japanese media…

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How to make an Anki note with the EFA 4.0 Card Template

Intro In this tutorial, you will learn how to create new Anki notes with the EFA Flashcard Template. Video Tutorial Tutorial Create a naked flashcard Click Add **IMPORTANT** Choose the EFA 4.0 template and the “Input” Deck. Type or copy/paste your sentence into the Sentence field. Copy paste the sentence again into the Sentence –…

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English First Aid 3.0 – The new flashcard template

Intro This tutorial will show you how to use the new EFA 3.0 flashcard template. Download the flashcards at the Anki Deck Library. The flashcards New Word Card Use this card to introduce yourself to a new word. FRONT: A sentence with a blank Pictures related to the missing word A definition of the missing…

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