English First Aid Career Opportunities

Job benefits (for all positions)

For English learners

This job comes with some really awesome free training.  Working for EFA, you will learn the polyglot way of learning languages.  You get free full access to EnglishFirstAid.net.  You can use it for your own language study (it can be used for other languages) and/or to enhance your own academic performance. If you’re part of the EFA team, you get this for free!

For teachers/tutors

English teachers/tutors may use the English First Aid system with their own students.  There are many benefits to using this system.  Just to mention a few
  • Make your students memorize new words and expressions with over 90% retention
  • Track students progress and keep them on task by monitoring their flashcard statistics. Eliminate all student testing and grading (digital flashcards make this unnecessary)
  • Eliminate all “homework” – typical ESL homework activity such as worksheets, reading assignments, grammar exercises, etc. will be replaced by English media chosen by the student based on their personal interests

For anybody

Many learning opportunities in language education and technology.  English First Aid is committed to using the most cutting edge and effective methods and techniques in language education.  There will be many exciting opportunities in the future as we expand and grow into new markets, languages, and learning mediums.



Local Marketing Agent

The English First Aid Marketing Agent is responsible for selling website memberships to students and other language learners in your local area.  Ideal clients are self-motivated students who want to learn fast.  English First Aid can be used along with other activities that students do in English.  English First Aid can enhance students’ English performance in any area including business English, conversational English and academic-level English.

Job details:

  • Job Title: English First Aid Marketing Agent
  • Work from home
    • Local applicants will be asked for an in-person interview
    • Remote applicants are welcome to apply.  You will have a Skype interview
  • Number of hours per week: minimum 10 hours per week, possibility for full-time work

Job duties:

  • Learn about English First Aid and its memberships (the product you are selling, please see our subscribe page to learn about our memberships )
  • Create and distribute marketing materials for English First Aid in your native language to potential clients
  • Sell memberships to interested clients
  • Do whatever you can to promote English First Aid
We encourage you to use whatever marketing channels are most effective in your country.  This may include local advertising, email, social media, or traditional networking in your own professional and social circles.

Required qualifications:

  • Fluent in English (Capable of reading our website)
  • Ability to perform the following tasks in English
    • Write emails
    • Communicate with other EFA team members via phone/Skype
  • Experience in sales and marketing
  • Computer literate

Bonus qualifications:

  • Have an interest in learning and improving your English or other languages
  • Well-networked within the ESL community
  • Internet marketing experience
  • Currently work in the ESL industry
  • Fluent in other languages


Payment is 100% commission.  You will be paid based on the number of memberships you sell.


Email your cover letter and resume to EnglishFirstAid2016@ gmail.com.  In your cover letter, please explain:
  • Why you want to work for English First Aid
  • What skills you have that will benefit the marketing of English First Aid
  • How you plan to market English First Aid and sell memberships

Web Developer

Launch your career in web development!
English First Aid needs a web developer.  Our web design requirements are quite basic but could be refined and developed by someone with the right skills.  This is a good first project for someone new to this field.  The website has already been set up and is managed and maintained by current staff. The website is far from perfect. We invite you to bring whatever skills you have to the table to make English First Aid the best it can be.

Job details:

  • Job Title: EFA Web Developer
  • Online, work-from-home
    • Local applicants will be asked for an in-person interview
    • Remote applicants are welcome to apply.  You will have a Skype interview
  • Number of hours per week: minimum 10-15 hours per week, possibility for full-time work

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Proficient with HTML and CSS
  • Experience designing and building WordPress websites
  • Ability to set up and manage common website features such as user accounts, forums, etc.
  • Conversationally fluent in English.  Capable of communicating in English by email and phone.
    • Expert English skills are not required.  I encourage you to apply if you are currently studying English now.  Your perspectives as an English learner will be useful to our team!

Bonus Qualifications:

  • Proficient with python
  • Familiar with Anki spaced-repetition-software
  • Teaching experience, especially ESL
  • Fluent in other languages
  • Graphic design experience
  • Internet marketing experience
  • Experience applying technical computer skills to a variety of situations

Other useful characteristics:

  • Independent, self-starter
  • Innovative, creative and imaginative

Job Duties:

Your job as web developer may include the following types of tasks (depending on your experience and area of expertise)
  • Webpage design, and repair
  • Editing and modifying current content
  • Organizing and designing smooth workflows with various kinds of software
  • Organizing and automating effective student-tutor communication

Other duties may include:

  • Promoting EFA via social media
  • Organizing and setting up an effective EFA social media
  • Setting up an EFA forum
  • Innovating new ways to study English using all the skills and knowledge you and the EFA team possess
  • Data collection and analysis

Web development training will be minimal.  You will be working alone or with another intern.  Current college/university students are encouraged to apply.

EFA is a DIY kind of project.  If we don’t know how to do something, we figure it out.  This job requires someone resourceful.  EFA will work as a team sharing and sharpening each other’s skills while learning new ones using whatever resources are available to us.  The ideal candidate for this job has both technical skills and an interest in English First Aid and what we are doing.


This job is an unpaid internship.  Payment is certainly possible in the near future when we reach a steady flow of paying members.


Email your cover letter and resume to EnglishFirstAid2016@gmail.com
In your cover letter, please tell us what your strengths and skills are and how you believe they can benefit the EFA project.  Please provide examples of your work that demonstrate your technical skills.

Online English Tutor

Job details:

  • Job Title: English First Aid Tutor
  • Online, work-from-home
    • Local applicants will be asked for an in-person interview
    • Remote applicants are welcome to apply.  You will have a Skype interview

Job duties:

  • Teach students the English First Aid flashcard system
  • Communicate with students via Skype
This job is perfect for a teacher who is already doing freelance teaching/tutoring. Do you want to boost your students’ performance? Do you want to be the English tutor with the most cutting-edge and effective techniques and tools? Become an English First Aid Tutor. You can be a part of revolutionizing the way students study English.

Job Requirements:

Computer skills
Must be computer literate and be able to work fast with your computer.
Language Skills
Capable of speaking in a clear standard American or British accent. If you’re bilingual, trilingual or a polyglot, wonderful!  You can connect with students in their native language.
Cultural/Communication Skills
Experience communicating with people from many cultures.  Globally minded.  Culturally conscious.


You will be paid a percentage of your students’ monthly subscription fee.