Do-It-Yourself Membership

$20.00 every Month (after 1 Week free)

Make your own flashcards. English First Aid will teach you how to make flashcards and how to study like a polyglot.

With a DIY membership you have access to all the tutorials and other online content.  The tutorials will show you how to make your own flashcards, use Anki and how to study.

What you get…

  • Access to all EFA articles and tutorials
  • Access to the EFA Anki Deck Library
  • Free Anki deck upload requests
  • General email support

The EFA Anki Deck Library

The EFA Anki Deck Library is a collection of Anki decks made from movies and TV shows.  This collection of decks is like your “box of toys” for English.  It’s fun study material that never ends.  Just watch movies, study the language with Anki, repeat.  Watch the movies again and be amazed at the improvement in your English listening skills.  This collection will continue to grow as you request more movies and TV shows.

Free Anki deck upload requests

Request a movie or TV show, and we’ll make an Anki deck for your reviewing and studying pleasure.  We can add in your native language to the backside of the cards (if the subtitle file is available).

Continuous Development

The EFA team will be continuously updating and adding content to this website. We will listen to all members’ feedback and do our best to make this website as helpful to you as it can be.

Intended Audience

For students who have time and want to make their own flashcards.  For students who want to save money.


  • Teach you to study English like a polyglot
  • Help you learn the most English in the shortest amount of time.


  • A computer
  • A sincere interest in the English language
  • Some time, commitment, and determination!